Feb 122016
El Guerra de dos Actives translates to the War of the Two Tops. There is a lot of rough housing when these two both decide that they want to top. But once Jacob pins down Randy and rims his hot hole, it doesn’t take long to see who is going to win. Randy gets those legs in the air and gives it up to that thick uncut cock between Jacob’s legs. He fucks Randy on his back and then Randy rides him on the bed. These two nude men with perfect pecs and ripped abs and hard cocks know how to fuck and know how to put on a show. You can see all the free gayporn pics of these two hot men in bareback action here at Randy Blue.
Featuring:   Randy DixonJacob Taylor
Feb 112016

Bubble-butt Brazilian stud Jimmy Durano washes off the sweat from his intense workout in the locker room showers. Ripped hunk-of-man Jack Hunter sees him and hits the showers in hopes of some steamy action. That's what he gets when they stroke each other's throbbing cocks until Jack is on his knees swallowing the entirety of Jimmy's swollen meat. It's Jimmy's turn to get on his knees and eat out Jacks hungry hole. After alternating between Jack's cock and ass, Jimmy bends Jack over a bench and stuffs his hole full of cock. Switching positions, Jack is legs up as Jimmy goes full force pounding his tight ass with his powerful, uncut rod. Jimmy fucks Jack so hard he jerks his load onto his washboard abs while Jimmy feeds him his hot load.
Feb 102016

Boasting about their core strength, Johnny V and Sebastian Kross challenge each other to a sit-up duel. Many crunches later, Sebastian concedes with a kiss. They're naked from the waist up, so it's easy to slip a hand into the other's pants. Sebastian gets hard first, so Johnny grabs his dick and sucks it, gurgling in delight through his cock-plugged mouth until a reverse crunch puts Sebastian's hole where Johnny's nose is. With expertise, Johnny puts his tongue to work, making Sebastian's ass tingle. Sebastian kicks into action, helping Johnny out of his pants, then wrapping his lips around his cock. Swallowing deeply, he pushes his face forward until his nose hits Johnny's pubes, then his tongue snakes out to give Johnny's nuts a swirl. Sebastian preps Johnny's ass for fucking with a vigorous tongue basting and finger probing, then he presses the head of his cock against the hole and doesn't let up until his shaft is sunk to its full extent. They fuck noisily in two positions, Johnny cumming first and scattering jism in every direction. Sebastian stacks his nuts against Johnny's and matches him drop for drop.
Feb 092016

The boys meet up by the motorbike to rev each other's engine
Feb 092016
Preston Cole and Devon Felix look so hot together. Both are beefy with gorgeous eyes. Devon’s dark skin looks so hot up against the alabaster skin of Preston. They both have long hard dicks and there is nothing hotter than watching a gay guy fuck a straight dude up the ass raw. Watch as Preston slides his uncut cock in Devon as he yells out in pain and ecstasy. He fucks him hard and roughs until finally he cums all over Devon’s hairy butt and shoves the jizz back inside. Then Devon cums right in Preston’s mouth. Be sure to check out the free gay porn pics of the hot bareback action here at Randy Blue.
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