Oct 312013

Just two hot and hunky guys hanging out and with sex on their minds. Idle conversation takes a turn as Kris Van Alstein takes notice of a certain sex toy Billy Cole has left out on his coffee table. Billy takes the dildo and begins teasing his sexy guest. Kris is not shy and suggestively takes that big sex toy in his mouth. Preferring the real thing, Kris soon gets his mouth filled with Billy's thick uncut cock.</br></br>After sucking and slurping each other's hard uncut dicks, Billy puts that Dildo to better use in Kris's hot ass. Kris spreads his mounds wide and takes it, his ass craving the real thing. When Kris is ready, Billy delivers... a hot and searing fuck, drilling Kris's ass deep and hard. Kris is on his back taking that meat when his cock erupts. He soaks himself in his own drenching load. Once spent, Kris gets on his knees to take even more hot cum as Billy strokes a thick wad on his face and down his chest.
Oct 302013

Swept away in raunchy kisses, taut Luke Milan and hairy-chested Tanner Wayne don't make it into the bedroom before Luke's shorts come off and his shockingly massive meat swings into view. Tanner swallows it whole, deep-throating the monster piece with avid slurps. Luke pulls Tanner off his cockmeat, and makes a meal of his buddy's rosy pink ass. Back on his feet, Tanner braces himself against the door frame and Luke pounds his cock into Tanner's lush ass. Tanner once again pulls himself off the near relentless ass attack, throws Luke on a sofa, and vigorously slides his stout fuckstick into Luke's hot hole. The flip is so surprising that Luke's cum soon shoots over his torso, decorating his nipples and pooling in the hollow of his neck. With Luke biting his nipple, Tanner whips up his own spunk and lets it fly. Spent, the couple collapses into a satiated cuddle.
Oct 292013

Jeremy Adam is a 19 y.o. twinkish dude you would never imagine works on a farm. His look is definitely urban, his attitude very open minded. Not the kind of stuff country farm boys are made of. </br></br>Truth is he does work on a farm about an hour south of Montreal, working with cattle and other livestock, producing dairy products, beef and pork meat, fruit and vegetables.</br></br>In fact, when Marko Lebeau asked him what type of farming he does, he said 'a bit of everything'. Then, when asked by Marko if he was gay, straight, or bi, he again said 'a bit of everything'. Admitting that he was bi-curious, doing this solo scene was his way of exploring that bit of 'everything'. </br></br>Jeremy measures 5'8' and weighs a nice 150 lbs. He has a nicely chiseled chest and rock hard abs. Undoubtedly, the daily grind of farming and all the manual work it involves is what keeps this boy trim and fit. This young Scorpio has a charming, sincere and open minded attitude. You actually believe him when he says he is open to anything. </br></br>Like most of our French Canadian models, Jeremy is another dude with an uncut cock, and his constantly hard boner stands 7' at full attention. Given the little amount of chest hair he has, we were pleasantly surprised to see just how hairy his ass crack was when he peeled off his boxer briefs. We wanted him to show it off, and he obliged in a couple of different positions for the camera. </br></br>Jeremy also surprised us at the very end when it came time to explode his 'fertilizer'. We still needed to angle our cameras into position to capture all of his cum spewing cock, when all of sudden he moved forward as he began to unload. He had been so revved up that he just couldn't hold back anymore. He actually confessed afterwards to having held back a couple of times prior to cumming, but he just couldn't keep it in anymore. We were lucky that we were in sufficiently good position with our cameras to capture almost all of his huge load.</br></br>We definitely hope to bring this dude back so he can live up to the promise of trying anything once!
Oct 292013

Jimmy Fanz displays maximum fur as he tangles with James Jamesson on an iron bed. Jimmy's devilish grin says he's looking forward to getting ravished by this mountain man whose hair is long and whose full red beard reaches the middle of his chest. James rolls Jimmy onto his tummy, going straight for his ass, giving Jimmy's hairy hole a serious tonguing. Jimmy assists by curving one arm over his back and stretching another between his legs to finger his hole with both hands. James takes the cue and adds two fingers of his own, plus a thumb and some spit. They take turns prepping the hole for James' throbbing hard on that is set off by bushy, shockingly red pubes. All human inhibitions slip away as they quickly turn into animalistic fuck machines, with Jimmy bouncing on James' red bush milking James thick hard cock with his hole. James topping is like watching the mating of wild beasts, aggressive and rough while effortlessly switching positions from doggy to sideways to missionary. Their aggressive momentum makes the bed creak, while Jimmy's cries become a crescendo that peaks when his cock spews jism across the bed. James cock is bigger and harder when he pulls it out that it was when he stuck it in and it erupts with unnatural intensity.