Nov 052013

Jessy Ares, with his bohemian good looks, and sleek Esteban Del Toro meet on a publicbench. They find it hard not to touch each other, and when you see how Esteban's ass fillsout the seat of his jeans, you won't blame Jessy for wanting to touch. Transported to a sexyliving room, they can get naked and indulge every sexual whim with the windows wide openfor all the passers-by to see and hear. Jessy is burly and furry while Esteban has a perfectdefinition without much bulk. You also get primo looks at that ass, without the denimcovering. Esteban lunges like a panther for Jessy's cock, moving the foreskin of his owncock back and forth over the head while he sucks. Jessy zeroes in on Estaban's sweet hole,massaging it in circles with his thumb so his tongue can go deeper. Then Jesse explodes inan attack that sends their lips crushing together while his cock drives deep into Esteban'shole. Esteban curls first into a fetal position, then he jumps on top for a sensuous ride thatsets his massively erect penis swaying. Jesse's slams so hard and fast, his balls must hurt.Esteban's hole is stretched to its limit. Jesse pulls out as Esteban climaxes and their streamsof jism arc and cross each other in midair.
Nov 052013

Gabriel Clark loves breaking new guys in. Especially when these guys are hungry bottoms such as our newbie Benjamin D'Amour. This guy has a slim fit, not the muscle type we are used to, but is quite the athlete as he is a martial arts instructor. So needless to say, while doing the photo shoot for this scene he surprised our power top by putting him in a few neutralizing holds that Gabriel was powerless to wrestle his way out of...</br></br>Benjamin is a bi guy who loves getting fucked. This was his first foray into doing porn. He skipped the preliminaries of performing a solo video, and immediately took the plunge with a hardcore sex scene. He was quite nervous at the outset and the usually always-hard 8 incher struggled to stay stiff during the photo shoot. Gabriel reassured him by telling him of his first porn experience when it took him 2 hours before he could spring a boner. Benjamin eventually got comfortable and even he was surprised, at the end of the shoot, when his dick wouldn't go soft after exploding. Gabriel laughed and explained that this was the result of the relief he felt now that the scene was over.</br></br>The guys hit it off quite well when they met, both are 25 years old, have 8 inches of uncut cock, are true bi guys and love sex. They shared quite a few stories and actually went out for drinks together after their shoot. </br></br>We were only days away from Halloween and the two started the scene by chatting it up about what costumes they would wear. This idle chit chat quickly made way for some French kissing and fondling, and a bit of wrestling. Benjamin admitted to not working out at the gym but rather stated in a matter-of-fact way that he preferred to fight than spend his time in the gym. Ironically, as an instructor, he does spend a fair amount of time in a gym, just not a weight gym.The guys left the sofa after peeling off their tops and made their way to the bed where Gabriel dove directly for Benjamin's hefty cock and sucked him into a state of erection. All throughout the scene they would wrestle a bit, even getting a bit aggressive with one another. But Benjamin's assertive stance subsided quite a bit once Gabriel targeted his asshole. First there was a rim job. Then it was time for a slow motion fucking that Ben soon begged to get harder. We were having trouble following the guys as they went from one fucking position to the next, tossing each other about.</br></br>Gabriel eventually told Benjamin to get on the bench at the foot of the bed, where he wanted to fuck his partner to orgasm. While Gabriel's 8 incher was pushing in and pulling out intensely, Benjamin warned his partner of his impending cum shot. Benjamin exploded quite a nice load all over his stomach as Gabriel was fucking his ass. Our cum-hungry top moved in for his prize, Ben's baby batter... Then, Gabriel moved forward so his dick was now only inches away from Benjamin's face. Once again Gabriel doesn't fail. He spewed a load sending it flying on his partner's chest, face and well beyond his shoulder.</br></br>Once done, our two studs took showers and headed out together. What they did later is anyone's guess...
Nov 052013

It's late afternoon, but not too late for Mike Martin and Paul Wagner to launch a successful sex fest. They kiss and grapple. Mike is anxious to begin manhandling his stud of a partner. He pulls Paul's pants open and sucks his cock fast and excitedly, working his tongue and lips up and down the hearty shaft of Paul's pole. The big bo-hunk, Paul, then takes his turn to excite Mike, working methodically and sensuously to really savor the meaty pleasures of his unclipped dick. Soon ready for more, Paul lays back and rests his ankles on his lover's shoulders. Mike fucks his tight asshole, thrusting in and out in measured beats, making Paul cry out with surprised satisfaction. They fuck some more doggie style before they disengage and jerk off side by side. Paul can't hold back and finally explodes spraying his load all over. And Mike finishes himself off, blasting equally impressive shots of spooge to match. Exhausted and content, they call it a day and kiss.
Nov 042013

Riddick Stone comes to us from Houston with his gear in his bag and energy to burn. This former college football player makes his living training other athletes to recognize their ultimate form, but when he's not pushing others to be their best, he can be found in the gym, pushing weight and pulling on something else. If his southern charms don't do it for you, his rock hard abs, firm ass and chiseled chest should do the trick. As he leans back against against his helmet, his sweaty body glistening in the Friday night lights, he brings himself to the brink of eruption before letting loose his 'big score' all over his stomach.<br/><br/>Enjoy!
Nov 012013

Brandon Jones invites his muscle-bound boyfriend, Cooper Reed, to his class reunion because he wants to show him off. Cooper agrees ... as long as he gets to fuck Brandon the next morning. Brandon is out in the yard when Cooper exacts payment by dropping his jeans and offering his uncut cock. Brandon's oral fixation makes Cooper's cock disappear, repeatedly. Brandon beats his meat while he sucks and rims his boyfriend, putting his talented tongue and lips to work where they have the greatest effect. Two naked bodies, sexually oblivious to the world, and summer sun -- the combination is unbeatable. By the time Cooper's cock is firmly lodged in Brandon's hole we see his smooth, wide-at-the-shoulder, narrow-at-the-hip torso with the rippling abs. They generate enough heat through friction and number of positions to set the grass on fire. Brandon's cumshot is an intense eruption, while Cooper does Brandon the favor of cumming on his face and kissing it clean.