Dec 112014

From the most trusted name in all-male erotica and continuing to set the standard in masculine appeal, COLT Studio Group and its COLT Men are a cut above the rest. Standing at the apex of sexual expression, the Men of the COLT Icon Series are the cream of the crop.<br/><br/>With his furry and sculpted body, a real man's-man who is ripped with muscles and cub like body hair... COLT Man Tony Lombardy encompasses all that a true COLT Icon embodies. Tony has masculinity that oozes from every pore; he is a true and bonafide COLT Icon in every way. In this collection of rarely seen images from the COLT Vault, COLT Man Icon Tony Lombardy proves he is the total package and a worthy addition to this elite class of COLT iconic men.
Dec 102014

Sean has busted Armond in the local mall and has brought him into the back room for interrogation. Armond insists that he has done nothing wrong but Sean on the other hand doesn't care what he did or didn't do. He just wants to give Armond a cavity search than fuck his sexy smooth ass. Armond is confused and scared but once Sean dominates him and bends him over the desk yanks his pants down and sticks his fingers inside his ass Armond quickly changes from confusion to utter delight. Sean sees how tasty that ass looks and goes face first tongue fucking that tight sexy hole. Sean's cock is extremely hard and he fucks Armond over the desk and lets him ride his fat cock. Sean takes full advantage of the one in power and leaves Armond with a face full of cum. <br></br>Enjoy!
Dec 102014

Ryan Patrix's skin displays his total dedication to the tattoo needle. Swirling colors and patterns sweep up his arms, across his chest, and down to his big, fat dick, which hovers above a mouth-watering pair of low-hanging bull balls. In front of Ryan stands scruffy Jake Jammer, whose mushroom-headed cock struggles to emerge from the confines of his Levis. Ryan lays Jake out on the table and, in a single, swift motion, tears off Jake's jeans and inhales his cock. However, Jake wants more than a blowjob. 'Fuck me with that big dick; get it in there,' he demands, and Ryan delivers with brute force. The intensity spirals: the harder Ryan fucks, the harder Jake wants it, and soon they're rebounding off the table after each thrust. At the limit of his endurance, Ryan relents, and Jake services Ryan's crack and sack with his tongue. In an unexpected twist, Jake assumes control and drills Ryan's ass deep, commanding him, 'Squeeze my dick!' They blow their loads together, marking Ryan's inked torso with massive white dots of cum.
Dec 102014
You have seen it all before. Bad plot porn. Massage Scene, POV Scene, Random Sports equipment, Pizza Delivery Boy. Sometimes you never know what kind of weird scenario that dirty director is going to come up with. But in the end, you can just hope that the guys are hot and the sex is on fire. I mean who cares how you get there, as long as they are jizzing in their mouths at the end, it is all good. Just like these write ups. Who cares what it says, just as long as it has all the right buzz words so that the straight hot gym jocks with bisexual asian muscle studs can make the best gayporn in free HD cam show with long hard black dicks and latin bareback facial bukake and a cherry on top.
Featuring:   Diego SansScotty Marx
Dec 092014

What a difference two years makes. Kenzo Masi returns to shoot another solo for Men of Montreal, but this time his sexy look is quite different. He has become a bit more beefy and has grown a face full of hair, not to mention that his usually hairy but trimmed body is much more furry than usual....</br><br> Weighing in at 170 lbs, he must be preparing for the cold and dark winter months in the Tundra. Now 26, Kenzo sports a more mature approach and still works in the mines up in Northern Quebec, making his way into the city from time to time to pursue his fave sideline as a stripper.</br><br> Kenzo contacted Marko Lebeau a couple of weeks ago and told him he would like to do another solo if we were up for it. Since just seeing him gets us up anyway, we figured it was a good idea. As Marko recalled the strip show that Kenzo gave him last time he was in front of our cameras, Marko came up with the idea of getting Kenzo to oil down his hairy body for a joyful jack off session. This straight stud had no qualms about it and even played with his nice bubble butt and hole for our pleasure. When it came time to shoot his load, this dude sure could deliver. Jet upon jet flew out of his stiff uncut cock and coated the vinyl sheet he was lying on. Kenzo always knows how to please and he didn't fail this time either. Enjoy!